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Signs that you are exercising too hard

Blood infection due to excessive exercise
Blood infection due to excessive exercise

Velabe – Scientists from Monash University in City. Melbourne (Australia) has just reported the possibility of blood infections in people who exercise excessively.

1. What is too much exercise ?

Overexercising is exercising more than usual. Dr. Nguyen Trong Thuy – Former Doctor of the National Men’s Football Team and U23 Vietnam said that normally adults should spend about 5 hours on moderate intensity exercises and about 2.5 hours. hours of high-intensity exercise/week.

Overexercising is common in people ranging from not exercising at all to exercising excessively to get in shape or lose weight.

Bạn có đang tập thể dục quá sức không? - Ảnh 2.

Exercising too much can affect the health of the practitioner.

Signs of overexercising are often :

– Prolonged muscle soreness: Muscle soreness after exercise will last 3 days, at most 4 days.

– Decreased immune response: Getting sick more than usual.

– Frequent or recurring injuries.

– Exhaustion, constant fatigue, irritability and lack of energy.

– Fatigue early when exercising.

– Not recovering after exercise.

– Increased resting heart rate: Regular exercise will reduce resting heart rate, but excessive exercise has the opposite effect.

– Feeling anxious and nervous at the thought of missing a workout.

2. Harmful effects of excessive exercise

Doctor. Nguyen Trong Thuy said that overexercising is very dangerous because it can affect the health of the practitioner.

Consequences of exercising too hard in a short time

– Exercising too much can affect mood and energy, causing the practitioner to feel uncomfortable, angry, have trouble sleeping, have difficulty studying or working, and lack interest in their normal hobbies.

– Increased heart rate at rest.

– Loss/change in appetite or mood changes.

– Sleep disorders.

– Increases the risk of injuries, such as stress fractures, muscle strains, joint pain, tendinitis and bursitis.

Bạn có đang tập thể dục quá sức không? - Ảnh 3.

You should drink enough water to avoid muscle fatigue.

Consequences of exercising too hard for a long time

In the long term, over-exercising can cause:

– Rhabdomyolysis: Rhabdomyolysis can occur when exercising too much. Rhabdomyolysis is a serious, potentially fatal medical condition in which damaged muscle tissue releases proteins and electrolytes into the blood, which can harm the heart and kidneys.

– Women may experience amenorrhea or premature osteoporosis when exercising too hard continuously.

– In men, there may be decreased sexual desire.

– Exercising too hard can also damage the immune system, especially when doing endurance exercises like running marathons or high-intensity gym workouts.

Excessive exercise aggravates depression and anxiety…

3. How to avoid overtraining?

To avoid overexercising , Dr. Nguyen Trong Thuy recommends that practitioners do:

  • Cardiovascular patients who exercise too hard have a high risk of death

    Heart patients who exercise too hard have a high risk of death READ NOW

Rest: Take a complete break from training for 1 to 2 weeks, which may be long enough for your mood, energy levels, and motivation to return to normal. If after resting, the practitioner still experiences symptoms of overtraining, they should go to a medical facility for examination and guidance on solutions.

– Eat enough nutrition: Need a nutritionally balanced diet.

– Drink enough water: Hydration is very important for the body, so you need to drink enough water when exercising.

– Get enough sleep: Getting plenty of sleep at night helps ensure the body has enough energy needed to complete workouts. You should sleep 7 to 8 hours every night.

– Take time to rest and recover: You should rest at least one day per week and rest at least 6 hours between workouts to allow your body to recover.

– Avoid exercising in temperatures that are too hot or too cold.

8 simple habits to have a healthy heart.


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